Creating a Music Video

Making a music video takes a lot a skill and knowledge. But most importantly, a music video is supposed to tell a story. Why is it so important to tell stories? The whole point of the media industry is not only to entertain you, but to share information. Stories provide a ton of information, even if it is fiction, it can add to your imagination and make your ideas run wild! That is why music videos are my absolute favorite thing to shoot and direct.

A buddy of mine just produced a new single and it is SUCH a good song. Guess what I am thinking about doing? That’s right! I want to shoot a music video! In a future newsletter I will be talking about how to setup, produce, and direct a music video, so I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter!

I want you to remember that the only thing that drives a great music video is vision! As you listen to the song, you have to envision a story. Keep listening to the song over and over again until you see the story as clear as you see reality. Then you will know for sure that you are ready to produce that music video.

Please check out the song my buddy Mike Nakh produced and maybe it will give you some insight on how you want your next music video to look like.

Here is the video:

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