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Hey everyone! This is a very serious topic and I am sure a lot of you will not agree with me about what I am about to say. Growing up in a Russian family is fun and loving experience and I won’t trade it for the world! However, when it comes to future goals and success planning, it can really derail you when your family forces you to do things that you do not want to do. Let me give you an example of my own experience…

Ever since elementary school my father has tried to push me to become an electrical engineer. At the time when I was transitioning between middle school to high school and high school to college, I already planned to become what my father wanted me to become. One night, I came home from the gym and I could not fall asleep. I was way too nervous about my future and was wondering if I would be happy being an engineer. I started to ask myself questions like “Is my dad really happy about his work?” “Would I be happy working for someone, or will I be happier working for myself?” I right away chose the ladder and decided that engineering is not what I will be pursuing.

The hardest part was telling my parents that I no longer wanted to be an engineer. Looking at my father’s disappointed face and my mom’s look of confusion, I told them that I had other plans. I told them that I want to become a cinematographer. Right away, I was being questioned and doubted by both of them. They told me that this is not the right field for me and that I will not become successful. I am sure that a lot of you have had similar issues with your family.

After one full year of my parents doubting me and telling me that my dream would not work out, they finally accepted my reality and started living with my choice of becoming a filmmaker.

I want to make this perfectly clear guys…If you have a dream, you MUST pursue it. If you can feel it, if you can taste it, if you can DREAM it, you will accomplish it. Keep fighting for what you want and show the nay-sayers who is boss!

Fight for what you love!

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