Filmmaking is an Art-Form

What is the driving force that makes us a better filmmaker? PASSION! What do you need to do if you haven’t found your passion? Search for inspiration! A few weeks back I was introduced to an amazing artist who paints with passion, dedication, and most importantly, love. Filmmaking is art that requires passion, dedication, AND love.

When it boils down to it, cinematographers require an eye that can see passed reality. In other words, you must be able to recreate your own reality! That is why observing art is SO important. Artists have a very unique way of presenting their own reality in their art work. If you have the time, I strongly encourage you to visit a local art gallery and embrace the beautiful work. I guarantee that you will find your inspiration and vision that will help you create excellent photography and cinematography. About a month ago, I was introduced to a phenomenal artist named Laurene Alvarado. Her artwork shines with color and metaphorical imagery that presents emotions, stories, and character! Let’s have a closer look at my new discovery.

Meet Laurene Alvarado:


Born and raised in sunny Southern California to an artist father and an academic mother, Laurene Alvarado had a natural hunger for creativity at a young age.

At first, she found her creative outlet in Makeup artistry. Laurene graduated from The Makeup Designory (Burbank, CA) and went on to become a Union Makeup artist for feature films and television in Hollywood. The evolution of her fine artistry didn’t come to fruition until her mid twenties. Laurene began to translate her expression through painting. Self-Taught, she began to spend her life savings on supplies.

Inspired by her cinematic background, nature, late 1900′s animation and every color of the spectrum, she translates the muses in her world to vibrant beacons of fantastical light. From strangers to entertainers she finds an exciting story within each of them.

She seeks knowledge by studying the greats, and aspires to show her work around the globe.

Laurene lives and works out of her studio/cottage in Pasadena, California.


For the past two years Laurene has been hard at work creating a collection she calls Castles.

Visit Laurene’s social media and website below!

Instagram @laurenealvarado
Snapchat @laurenealvarado
Periscope @laurenealvarado
Twitter @laurenealvarado
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