Turn Shaky Videos into Works of Art

To those who wonder how to achieve beautiful cinematic shots in their videos, camera stabilizers are the key. What is a camera stabilizer? Camera stabilizers are useful tools that have been around for decades that transform ordinary shaky footage into beautiful gliding videos. I won’t get too sciencey and go through the physics behind this tool but I will give you a simplified explanation on how these things work.

Imagine taking stick and holding it with two fingers. Place your fingers in the the center of the stick and shake it. Now, take your two fingers and place it either on the top or bottom of the stick and shake it. Notice anything. Keeping your fingers on the center of the stick keep it stable, while placing your fingers on any other position on the stick will make it wobble. This is how camera stabilizers work. It all revolves around finding the perfect center of gravity.

Camera stabilizer are equipped with a gimbal and counter weights which compensate for vibration and intense shaking. It is so important to deliver crystal clear and stable images to your clients. It ups your production value and transforms your videos. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? Well it kind of is. There is a huge learning curve behind these stabilizers. But luckily, I went through all the struggle of balancing these stabilizers and created a tutorial for you guys to quickly balance and learn how to use these stabilizers. Please check out the video below.

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