How Summer Can Kill You

The scorching heat is among us, that means summer!!! I know that a lot of you are going on vacation over the summer but that does not mean you shouldn’t take your camera gear with you. Why? What if you stumble across something beautiful, mysterious, nostalgic, and overall camera worthy? What are you going to do? Summer vacation can kill your ideas! What will we be without our precious ideas??? I have talked about this in a similar post in the past; I talked about how it is important to capture as many moments as possible. And I want to dive deeper into tis topic in this post because I want to get in depth into the importance of capturing moments.

What makes a moment unique? What makes a moment special? To each is own, we all have our own different characters, personalities, and visions. So one moment might feel different to another person. What do I mean? It all has to do with perspective. I probably see colors differently than you do, you may love pizza but your friends probably hate it. It varies from person to person. What I’m trying to say is that just like every person, moments also carry character, personality, and they can even output specific visions.

So it is extremely important that you have at least a tiny camera with you at all times so if you can capture these moments.

Now I want to get into laziness over the summer. We all know how hot temperatures can make us feel lazy and how we want to stay in doors. But I’m here to convince you that even though it is scorching hot outside, you must go out and find something to shoot. Have you ever heard of the phrase,”Excuses are monuments of nothing?” Well, that’s exactly what excuses are. Baby are nothing! And as a videographer or cinematographer you must not have any excuses to not go out and shoot.

So even though it may be hot outside, muster up the will to go out and capture what may become a masterpiece!

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