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Do you always have to plan something before you shoot? The answer is NO. That is the beauty about art. It never has to be planned, in fact, quite the contrary. Art is supposed to be made by feel. Filmmaking is an art form and sometimes it is not planned. A lot of my videos were not planned, but were rather shot by feel. I never wrote a script! Now, I am not saying to not write a script. Planning is good, IF YOU HAVE TIME. But for people like me who are trying to put out high quality content fast, you have to know how to work without a plan.

There are a lot of people who have a lot of issues working without a plan, but if you are planning to become a freelance videographer or cinematographer, you have to know the importance of “winging” it. A big question I get asked a lot, is how do I know what to shoot? Well, what are you passionate about. Are you passionate about poetry? (This is just an example) But if poetry excites you and intrigues you, I would recommend making a video about poetry. Find a poet film him or her, writing, then try and make a documentary of how they work. Shoot creative angles, and light the scene creatively. When I get the chance, I will make an cool tutorial video on how to make an ordinary topic extraordinary.

It all comes down to your perception! Share your perception about your passions and express it with the world. I want to see you at your artistic BEST! What stories can you tell? How is it presented differently than the other stories out there? Solve these questions, and I guarantee you, that you will see a HUGE difference in your videos. Now go out and SHOOT!

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