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If you have been doing photography/videography for a few years or even months, by now you should already know how difficult it is shoot under low-light conditions. Many would argue in saying, “Why not use a flash or onboard light?” Well here is why…Lights and flashes can be extremely irritating and can acquire a lot of unneeded attention. Let’s say you are filming a dinner party where it is dimly lit and someone is giving a speech, you decide to take a quick picture and the flash goes off. The person then becomes disoriented and forgets what he or she is saying…that won’t be good.


That is why, I always turn to my Sony A7S, also known as the ‘Low Light Killer.’ This tiny little camera not only has the ability to externally produce 4K images, but can shoot better in low light than any other camera on the market! This camera sees at night better than the human eye! I absolutely LOVE the A7S. Because of this camera, low light now looks like daylight in my videos! I have always liked natural light better than artificial light anyway!

BUT…because of this camera’s ability to sustain such high ISO’s, it can blow out or clip certain things that emit light; like a candle. When this happens, you need to use external lighting. If you are on the go and don’t want to walk around with a bulky flash all the time, then the Sony A7S is the camera for you. Check out the video below showing how I took this camera through its paces in low light!

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