So You Want to Make a Demo Reel?

Demo reels are an important part of showing off you work. Not only does your footage have to look good, but the editing has to be great as well. The whole point of creating a demo reel is to show people what you are capable of doing. You have to show your BEST work!!! If you need help deciding what footage looks good, ask your friends and family, or you can even email me and I will help you out!

So what are some good things to keep in mind when creating your demo reel?

  • Find your best work
  • Find music that goes along with your footage
  • Cuts and different edits MUST follow the music
  • Get creative with your edits and dont be afraid to add in cool effects
  • Color correct your footage, never leave it raw
  • Look at examples on different websites, even mine and see how I did mine
  • Demo reels should never be long, you can lose your viewer’s (potential client) interest
  • Incorporate lots of different kinds of footage, the same thing gets boring, show people, buildings, nature, sports, etc…

These are some tips that I think will help you create a very good demo reel. Don’t forget that it has to be unique, with your own flavor. If it looks like every other demo reel out there, clients will not find you unique or interesting. You have to stand above the crowd!

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what you will create! When you create your demo reel, send it me so that I can take a look and give you my honest opinion.

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