The DJI Inspire 1 Vs. DJI Osmo

Today I want to talk about video stabilization. Why is it so important that you get stable footage?

The whole point of cinema is to capture certain elements and make it seem as if the camera was never “really” there to begin with.

When you see shaky and cheap footage, you can clearly see that it is not natural and to simply put it “not good.”

Take a look at the Discovery Channel… Notice how their footage is so stable? They want it to seem as if a camera never recorded it. They want the viewer to get sucked into what they are filming, to make them seem as if they are actually in that environment!

The Discovery Channel is one example but there are a ton more!
If you want to be a professional, make sure you produce professional footage, and there is no better way then to make it stable!

Now, I am not saying that stabilized footage is ALWAYS better than handheld footage; sometimes handheld gives a more documentary style look.

I will give you some tips in a future newsletter how to know when to use stabilized footage and when to use handheld footage.

Until that time comes, take some time and learn how to stabilize your footage!
Have a look at this video I shot with the DJI Osmo!

If you bought the DJI Osmo, have a look at my review and tutorial about it!

Talk to you soon!

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